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Reliable School Management System Services For All Budgets!

School Management System is a Business Optimization of school or Educational Institute and its Processes in a productive way. With the help of this eSchool portal the School or Education Management, Teachers, Students as well as Parents would be benefited. Desktop Based Application and Mobile Based Application provides 24x7 access from anywhere and no single dependencies on man power to manage School Management System.

EDUMan Hosting Environment Information

Branded Servers

Quality Performance

Optimised For Sustained IOPs

Reducing Your CPU Usage

Perfect Selection For Schools

High Speed Data Transfer

Instant Provisioning & Auto Installs

Technical Specs

100% Security From HACKERS

Fully PRIVATE Hosting Space

No Technical Experties Required

Daily Database Backups

Weekly E-mils/Application Backups

24x7 Globally Accessible

24/7 Support

Dedicated Account Manager

24/7 Ticket & Live Chat Support

Third Party Software Help*

Website Content Management

Social Media Pages Management*

SEO Service*


Biometric Machine

Library Management System with Barcode

Vendor Management System

Website Development
(Domain Name & Hosting Space)

What We can Manage Using EDUMan?

School Management

School Management provides 360 degree view to Trusty, Principle to manage Schools from Mobile App and Desktop based portal.

* Events

* Meetings and many more unique features.

Staff Management

Staff Management module includes following important features which allows to manage Employees in few clicks only.

* Section/Department Management

* Employee Management

* Employee Attendance Management

* Employee Leave Management

* Employee Report Management

* Many More Unique Features

Simple Dashboard To Manage Student Records.

Student Management

Student Management module managed Students academic records which
is useful to generate students report in few clicks only, no more paper work required.

* Add/Remove Students

* Class Management

* Attendance Management

* Homework Management

* Leave Management

* Result Management

* Fees Management

Using Student Management build each and every Students portal
content in few minuts and generate the reports.

* Homework

* Attendance

* Marks

* Leave Request

* Reminder Notifications

* Birthday Tracking

* Fee Structure

* Time Table

* Employee Details

* Gallery

* Feedback / Complaints

KSS-EDUMan Hosting

Available from small Playgroup / Nursery to Higher level of Colleges all over the World with unique Mobile App.


100GB Disk Space

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited Staff Members

Host upto 2000 Students

Host upto 1 Websites*

Unlimited E-mail accounts

cPanel Control Panel

FREE 24/7 Support

$100 or ₨ 5000 / month

Coaching Classes

60GB Disk Space

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited Staff Members

Host upto 1000 Students

Host upto 1 Websites*

Unlimited E-mail accounts

cPanel Control Panel

FREE 24/7 Support

$50 or ₨ 2000 / month

Playgroup / Nursery

30GB Disk Space

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited Staff Members

Unlimited Students

Host upto 1 Websites*

Unlimited E-mail accounts

cPanel Control Panel

FREE 24/7 Support

$50 or ₨ 2000 / month

KSS-EDUMan Special

100GB Disk Space

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited Staff Members

Unlimited Students

Host upto 1 Websites*

Unlimited E-mail accounts

cPanel Control Panel

FREE 24/7 Support

$160 or ₨ 10000 / month

Frequently Asked Questions

Where we can us KSS-EDUMan School Managment System?
KSS-EDUMan School Managment System is suitable for all Playgroup / Nursery, College/School and more importantly Coaching Classes. No matter whether you are running a small Coaching Classes or a big School/College or a chain of schools, you can use KSS-EDUMan School Managment System. Its useful where proper management of everything is required.
Do we require any technical expertis to manage KSS-EDUMan School Managment System?
No single technical experties require to manage KSS-EDUMan School Managment System
Is there Web Hosting space or Server required to host KSS-EDUMan School Managment System?
KSS-EDUMan School Managment System tag line is "Bye Bye Hosting Tension, Enjoy Application like Whatsup", no Hosting or Server is required, Kaizen Software Solutions offering KSS-EDUMan School Managment System with Web Hosting, Backup, Security and 24x7 Support with any extra cost.
Is it all Schools/Colleges using same KSS-EDUMan School Managment System Mobile Application?
No, all Schools/Colleges will use there own Mobile application which will register on Google Play Store.
Why installation charges required??
We understood everyone concern about installation charges but its required to fulfil following important points.

1) We are not using same Mobile application for all Schools/Colleges, each and every Schools/Colleges Mobile application built with its Logo and color theme.

2) To publish an app in Google Play store, Google charges is $25 (USD), the reason behind the fees is to keep out the fake, duplicate accounts and hence keep out unnecessary and worst apps flooding the playstore.

3) Data entry man power is required to insert Staff and Students data in Database, so that Schools/Colleges can use Application like Whatsup and enjoy Application without any hardwork.
Which kind of plans available?
We do have different plans for all kinds of institutes i.e Schools/Colleges, Coaching Classes, Playgroup / Nursery and KSS-EDUMan Special.

You can purchase KSS-EDUMan School Managment System as per requirement, if you are having more than 5000 students than you can purchase unlimited Student hosting plan and if you are having less than 3000 Students than you can purchase basic starter plan.
How many days required to deploy KSS-EDUMan School Managment System?
5 days required to deploy KSS-EDUMan School Managment System and 5 days to insert data in Application.
Do we receive extra 10 days which we have lost in deployment process?
No, you won't receive 10 days extra but you will receive 20 days grace period once you complete one year with us.
Which information is required from our side to deploy our School data in Application?
As soon as you signup with us, we will share excel sheet with all required information which we required from your staff members to filup the data in Application.
Is there any discount available for signup?
We do offer one month free Hosting on yearly payment as well as we do offer KSS-EDUMan Special plans in affordable rates.
Is there any charges for cancellation?
No, you can cancel your account anytime.
Why KTCHost offering Application in cheap rates?
We have our inhouse Development Team, Server management Team and Database management Team, therefore we are able to provie Application in a cheap rates as compare to other Application available in market.
Can we customize KSS-EDUMan School Managment System as per our requirement?
Yes, we can customize Application as per your requirement , if it's feasible and it don't disturb an existing functions/features.
What level and kind of support we will receive with KSS-EDUMan School Managment System
You will receive 24x7 live chat support, ticket board support for all kind of issues.

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