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Synermale A be trained via a sexologist and a expert within the subject of neurology Beverly Whipple (Beverly Whipple), showed that after orgasm ache tolerance in females increases by 75p.CElevation of affliction and vaginal stimulation in ladies . This means that after intercourse, females close to stop feeling agony. The purpose is inconspicuous: with sexual arousal, there is a sharp unlock of oxytocin, which reduces nervousness levels, helps to relax and reduces susceptibility to agony. More suitable oxytocin is produced in ladies, however in men too. "Sexual anesthesia" works flawlessly, it has no aspect effects, and it is a lot nicer than drugs and injections. For that reason, sex can be the fine painkiller, and in the end - helps to strengthen good-being and emotional state. Pose "mendacity on his back" Pose "lying on his again" This posture can also be represented in any editions, depending on which associate has a backache. To decrease pressure on the reduce again, you need to put a pillow or rolled towel beneath your knees. A flat pillow under your head will relieve tension from the cervical neighborhood. Cushion under the buttocks will help to care for decrease again discomfort.