How to check mod_rewrite is enabled or not?

How to check mod_rewrite

Five simple steps to cross verify “mod_rewrite” is enabled or not on your website hosted server.

  • Login into your website web hosting control panel or in server and create file mod-rewrite-test.php file under your website root directory i.e. public_html with following code                         

<?php echo “Great! Mod_rewrite is active for your website!”; ?>

  • Create .htaccess file and if already .htaccess file is present than take a backup the original file to .htacess-ori.
  • Add following code in a .htaccess file.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^.*$ mod-rewrite-test.php

  • Browse the website

  • If you see a message “Great! Mod_rewrite is active for your website!”, it is enabled on your server. If you see anything else it means mod_rewrite is disabled and you need to enable it or ask your web hosting provider to enable it. On #KTCHost server by default mod_rewrite is enabled, if you required any help than kindly contact our Live chat support available on our website and discuss your issue with us.
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