How to change timezone on VPS

Only root user can make timezone changes on any server, therefore first login into the VPS as a root user and confirm that you are logged in as a root user

Using “whoami” command, we can confirm logged in user name.



As per above command, we are loogged in as a root user, now its time to confirm timezone set on VPS.

Execute the following command and confirm the current timezone settings

ll /etc/localtime

It will show you current timezone settings



If you want to change timezone from Asia/Kolkata to any other timezone,  then you can set it using following command one by one

For example if you want to set GMT

Remove the existing link

unlink /etc/localtime

Set the new link

ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/GMT /etc/localtime

Confirm the new timezone settings

ll /etc/localtime

Note : You can select any timezone present under “/usr/share/zoneinfo/” directory to set link as per your requirement, in above example we have used GMT timezone.

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