How to set name servers from WHM for new Server/VPS?

You will need an IP address for each nameserver which you want to set for your server.

Under ‘Basic cPanel/WHM Setup’ -> Scroll Down to ‘Primary Nameserver’.

Now you should be add your nameservers in the fields available. Click on Assign IP Address next to each nameserver to assign it an IP. Then add an A entry so they will resolve through DNS. As well as make sure that you scroll down and click on ‘Nameserver Setup’ under ‘Service Configuration’ and enable the nameserver.

The main thing you must remember while setting new name server for your domain you need to register the name servers from your domain name registrar end.

For example if you set name servers for your server is as follows. ip ip

Then you should be register the above name servers at your domain name registrar end.The domain name registrar is a company where you have buy a domain name server will take 24 to 72 hours to resolved worldwide with your server.


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