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Trusted 24x7 Help desk support!

Seamless, reliable, secure, cost-effective and 100% white labeled Help desk tech-support solutions for web hosts, web designers, and more.

Our certified technical support engineers are experts in resolving all tier technical issues and also help in increasing your customer base by handling pre-sales and sales queries. we believe in providing 100% quality service to our clients regardless of how big their business is. Our Help desk support service is not only reliable but also affordable and has a huge positive impact on bottom line of our valuable clients. From engaging and tracking visitors to collecting feedback and controlling the team of agents; we do our best at everything.

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Why Use Help desk Service For Your Business!

  • Customer satisfaction When the customers are satisfied, you can say that help desks have already become advantageous to your business.
  • Frees Up Time When an IT help desk takes care of all your company’s technical problems, your in-house employees are free to focus on more profitable endeavors.
  • Self-service resources for your staff and customers, which decreases requests and relieves the burden of troubleshooting

Transform How You Deliver Support to your clients!

  • Providing 24x7 Help desk support cost effectively.
  • Proactively identifying and resolving recurring problems.
  • Right resources for the right problem increase quality.
  • Manage targeted communication with clients using Help desk.
  • Pro-active communication with your datacenter to avoid downtime.
Dedicated Hosting

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Key features of Help desk support

  • Outsourcing Help Desk With Guaranteed Service Levels.
  • Your Help desk are answered in 15 minutes!
  • Your customers will receive a responsive, 24x7 assistance, and our professional support staff provides a highly personalized, courteous service to foster brand loyalty.
  • Experienced as well as Qualified Personnel agents.
  • Increase provisioning of agent instantly.
  • Increase your team’s productivity by allowing them to focus on core development and higher-tier customer requests instead of solving tier 1 and tier 2 issues.
  • Start small and grow your hosting to next level with high standards.
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Our team helps customers resolve a wide range of technical issues in all common internet technologies.
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Advantages of outsourcing Help desk support!

24/7 Help desk support

Many businesses have the usual 9 to 5 office hours only, which means customers have no IT support after office hours. Companies that outsource their IT support can provide customers with assistance after office hours. We do provide IT help desks 24-hour assistance. Since customers can have technical problems at any time, you’ll want to provide responsive support to avoid frustrated customers.

Customer Satisfaction

A good help desk improves customer satisfaction if it is actively responsive, consistently assists users, and goes the extra mile in service delivery of technical support. This provides support to the company’s objectives and facilitates the growth of its business by increasing the number of returning customers.

Improvement in Product Quality

The help desk acts as the first place for recording customer complaints, issues and problem. The help desk should not only try to resolve these issues, but they are also responsible for keeping track of all complaints, their type and recurrence level; further, they escalate summary of issues and product shortcomings to the development team. Thus, the help desk acts as the main source of supplying feedback to development team, which by acting on such reports, can update and improve the product.

Resource Optimization!

Outsourcing the help desk allows internal allocation of manpower and other resources towards the core competency of the business. This facilitates higher productivity and focus on mission-critical activities.

Cost Saving

By offering scalability and expertise as per issue or emergency situation allows companies to save big money and use resources when actually its required.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of support does the Help Desk provide to clients?
We do provides outsourced IT support for all clients across all regions. Specifically, the team provides technical support, including both server/client and desktop support. Help Desk analysts handle incoming tickets and emails, and use all resources necessary to help resolve issues.
What do I do if I am faced with a technical issue late at night or on the weekends?
Our Help Desk team services all clients in every region on a 24x7x365 basis. The Desk is staffed around the clock with knowledgeable and experienced IT support analysts, and a shift manager is always either seated at the Desk or on call for assistance if needed in case critical/emergency support.
What are the businesses you support?
We support all legit industries, except – banks, adult websites, gambling websites.
If the Help Desk analyst who answers my ticket or email does not know the solution to my problem, how will it get resolved?
If leveraging the knowledge of fellow agent on the Help desk and online reference materials are not enough to fully resolve the issue, or if it requires onsite field support, Help Desk analysts will escalate the query via a formalized escalation procedure. Specific processes are in place for both normal business hours as well as nights and weekends, so clients can be assured that any resources necessary to resolve their problem will be employed to do so regardless of day or time.
How do agents learn my business?
We study your complete website, ask you several questions to learn about your business and then your dedicated account manager trains our agents. If we find any questions we cannot answer, we call you to update our knowledge base , so we could answer that in the future.
How many websites your shared agents handle at a time?
Since our prices are as low as 50 cents an hour, we train our agents to handle upto 3 Help desk at a time without affecting the quality of our service.
Do I need to be available 24 X 7??
No, you should be with your family, watching TV, or on holidays. You let us know when you want to be notified and when you don’t need to be notified. We will take a note of that and work with you accordingly.
What is your response time?
Our Help desk initial response time is in 15 minutes.
How am I billed for Help desk tickets? Is there a variable cost or fixed cost?
We do not bill you per ticket, we bill fixed monthly irrespective of the Help desk ticket support we do on your behalf.
Where are your agents physically based?
Our highly educated agents are located in our company owned delivery center in India.
What is the cost?
Our packages start from $99/month. We have several packages from ($1.99/hour to as low as $0.50/hour)
What’s included in the monthly fees?
Help desk support, limited ticket/email for Support, Live ticket notification, Customized Service, Dedicated Account Manager and lots more.
How will I pay?
Credit Card, Paypal, Wire Transfer or Check payable in US Dollars.
Is there a contract?
All our services come with worry free, month to month terms. There is no long term contract. If you don’t like us you can cancel. When you want to restart our service, you just let us know again.
How do I cancel my account?
All you have to do is to just call your dedicated account manager and cancel anytime or open a ticket from Billing area to cancel service. We will service you till the end of the month you have paid for and won’t bill you further.
What is your uptime guarantee?
We try to achieve at 100% uptime guarantee. However since real humans are involved, we can promise you not more than 1% downtime if ever.
How about the security at KTCHost?

KTCHost provides both IT and physical security to its clients as well as employees.

Our Physical security measures include

* Full proof documentation is done for each employee so that KTCHost could track if any of the employees had any criminal record or an issue with his credit in the past.

* KTCHost performs a background check of all the new employees by taking the pain to call their previous employers and verifying their previous employment record.

* In order to protect the confidentiality of business information and other trade secrets, each employee needs to sign a non-disclosure agreement as a condition of employment.

Our IT security measures include

* Restriction of unauthorized access to any system.

* CISCO ASA and firewall implementation.

* Access to a system only through password.

* CD drives and USB drives disabled on all systems.