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    No more Pay Per Live chat support, simply Unlimited Live chats support in your budget!.

Live Chat Support Outsourcing Services For Your Website!

Don’t let your website visitors bounce off your web pages, offer them instant live help on your website and make sure you secure the sale or resolve customer service issue the first time round. Seamless, reliable, secure, cost-effective and 100% white labeled live chat tech-support solutions for web hosts, web designers, and more. Our professional experienced website chat operators will take care of your clients 24 x 7 x 365 as if they were your own staff. With your competitors only a click away, giving customers the experience they demand, whilst at the browsing stage means you keep customers on your site and you keep them happy.

Our certified technical support engineers are experts in resolving all tier technical issues and also help in increasing your customer base by handling pre-sales and sales queries. we believe in providing 100% quality service to our clients regardless of how big their business is. Our Live Chat Support service is not only reliable but also affordable and has a huge positive impact on bottom line of our valuable clients. From engaging and tracking visitors to collecting feedback and controlling the team of agents; we do our best at everything.

We maintain a response time of maximum 30 seconds, whereas our agents are available 24 X 7 X 365

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Why Live Chat is The Untapped Potential for Your Business!

  • Make customer service available 24/7: Your clients want to be able to reach you whenever they encounter a problem, and frequently, that happens outside of normal office work hours. Live chat gives your business the opportunity to provide 24/7 support, reducing response times and backlogged requests while boosting customer satisfaction and increase the Business.
  • Increased Sales: 70% of people shopping online would like to make contact with a real live chat person before making a purchase, and over half say that the lack of interaction has caused them not to purchase.

Convert Your Website Visitors into Paying Clients!

  • Proactive Invitations: Set up proactive chat messages based on which page your visitor is looking at in real time.
  • 24/7 Live Monitoring: Our professional experienced team monitors your website 24/7 so you never miss an opportunity to engage your website visitors, it increases your website’s conversion rate, and reduces your cost per acquisition from paid advertising and Google AdWords.
  • Online Solutions: Live chat support increase online website visitors engagement, it helps to improve ranking in Google, Alexa.
Dedicated Hosting

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All Tiers Support | Unlimited Live Chat Support | 30 Seconds Response Time | Customized Shift Time

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Key features of Live chat support

  • Improved customer satisfaction by attending every live chat and resolving queries 24x7x365 and increase clients engagement.
  • Your live chat are answered in 30 seconds!
  • Live Chat helps in receiving clients feedback.
  • When you offer live chat on your business website, it allows you to decrease response time and increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase provisioning of agent instantly.
  • Live Chat helps in Increased Efficiency.
  • Our team helps customers resolve a wide range of technical issues in all common internet technologies.
  • Start small and grow your hosting
  • Dedicated account manager

How we help!

24/7 live chat support

Our live chat support team provides 1st Level and 2nd Level support coverage round-the-clock from our 24/7 Network Operations Centre. We’re there for you even when you are not. We will pro-actively communicate with your datacentre to help get your clients server back online and stable, should any issues arise. Look no further if you plan to outsource live chat support customer support.

Rest assured that our qualified exuberant staff are on-site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We use our own technical staff, not generic datacenter staff that deal with many hosting companies. Our staff hold accreditations with Microsoft, Linux, VMWare and other leading technology partners.

Live Chat Cuts Down on Expenses

Live chat does divert a lot of your genuine traffic and visitors away from phones to this instant means of support, thus reducing overall contact center costs by lowering average interaction costs.

Help to Increases Sales

Live Chat support helps to increase online revenue with higher conversion rates as compare to phone calls and larger order sizes. According to an online survey, almost 68% of Internet consumers said they would purchase more products online if live chat support were available to resolve all doubts instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the Live Chat working on my website?
When you sign up, we will study your complete website, coordinate, interview you to learn more about your business and services, train our agents and integrate the chat software with your website.
I already have Live Chat support enabled on my website, is there anything need to change?
No need to change anything, we will train our agents as per your Live chat software to handle Live chat for you.
What are the businesses you support?
We support all legit industries, except – banks, adult websites, gambling websites.
Who is notified of new leads and how?
We notify you or any of your representative. All transcripts of the chat are sent via emails within minutes. If you take our premium package, we even call you within minutes at times you want us to call.
How do agents learn my business?
We study your complete website, ask you several questions to learn about your business and then your dedicated account manager trains our agents. If we find any questions we cannot answer, we call you to update our knowledge base , so we could answer that in the future.
How many websites your shared agents handle at a time?
Since our prices are as low as 50 cents an hour, we train our agents to handle upto 6 live chats at a time without affecting the quality of our service.
Do I need to be available 24 X 7??
No, you should be with your family, watching TV, or on holidays. You let us know when you want to be notified and when you don’t need to be notified. We will take a note of that and work with you accordingly.
What is your response time?
Our chat response time is in 30 seconds. We aim to notify you about your leads in minutes after we have finished the chat. We immediately send you a summary of the chat and the entire chat transcript. In our premium package, we even notify you by giving you a call within few minutes.
How am I billed for leads? Is there a variable cost or fixed cost?
We do not bill you per lead, we bill fixed monthly irrespective of the lead or support chat we do on your behalf.
Where are your agents physically based?
Our highly educated agents are located in our company owned delivery center in India.
What is the cost?
Our packages start from $99/month. We have several packages from ($1.99/hour to as low as $0.50/hour)
What’s included in the monthly fees?
Live Chat Software, Unlimited Leads/Support Chats, Live Lead Notification, Customized Service, Dedicated Account Manager and lots more.
How will I pay?
Credit Card, Paypal, Wire Transfer or Check payable in US Dollars.
Is there a contract?
All our services come with worry free, month to month terms. There is no long term contract. If you don’t like us you can cancel. When you want to restart our service, you just let us know again.
How do I cancel my account?
All you have to do is to just call your dedicated account manager and cancel anytime or open a ticket from Billing area to cancel service. We will service you till the end of the month you have paid for and won’t bill you further.
What is your uptime guarantee?
We try to achieve at 100% uptime guarantee. However since real humans are involved, we can promise you not more than 1% downtime if ever.
What happens during a chat session?
Our all agents engage your website visitors in a personal & friendly manner, answer any questions or doubts they may have, direct them to your valuable information, and guide them through any online processes. Our agents aim to capture all vital information from the website visitors, including their full name, e-mail, phone number, address etc, while converting the website visitor into a potential sale or while addressing any support or billing issues. Our Agents will also promote any business events or activities (upon your request) for potential customers or new customers, all in an effort to assist your sales/support team. Most importantly our agents will act as your own staff and address you as our boss( and not as a client) and your business as our business.
Why is your chat service so effective?
Most websites who have used chat service in the past on their websites, do not have somebody at all times to man their website. We are not selling chat software, we are selling our service to man your website 24 x 7. That is why we are effective.
How can I be sure that my business information is secured?
We have a privacy policy in place. We don’t give any information you don’t want us to give. If you don’t want certain information out, let us know and we will not let your web visitor know that.
Will you sell my leads? How can I trust you?
We work very hard for you so that we can retain you for ever. We also want you to refer our service to somebody who will benefit by our quality and reliable live chat support service. We always value you as a client and we won’t damage that relationship. Also offering web chat service is what we do. We are not interested in selling any leads for commission. That is illegal.