Mobile App Hosting With Management Tools, Services!

Whether you're simply beginning out a new Mobile application or having an existing Mobile application, you are at the right place. With KTCHost Mobile App Hosting, we do provide DevOps tools to manage the Mobile application backend, like code security, test environment, production environment, so you can complete the testing in a test environment and once satisfied with test enviorment result, you can proceed with Production environment deployment and its without hiring too many DevOps team members. You can foucs on the following features and we will manage the DevOps work for you.

KTCHost Quality Approach

Web Services Load Balancing Options!

  • Reverse Proxy Web server setup
  • Nginx reverse proxy server.
  • Apache reverse proxy server.
  • HAProxy load balancer.
  • Docker microservice based load balancer.
  • The front-end load balancer is a VM/server that uses a virtual or a public IP address to accept requests from a Mobile application client. It determines which reverse proxy server is most suitable to handle the request and forwards it to the appropriate backend reverse proxy server.
KTCHost Quality Approach
KTCHost Quality Approach

Database High Availability Best Practices!

  • Maximum Availability Architecture Setup.
  • MySql Master - slave server.
  • MySql Master - Master server.
  • PostgreSQL Master - slave server.
  • Docker microservice based High Availability Architectures.
  • High Availability Architectures choosing and implementing it that best fits the high availability requirements of a Mobile application can be a daunting task, therefore KTCHost provides ready made setup where you only need to upload database only and nothing else.

Maximum Availability Architecture.

KTCHost Mobile app hosting

Version control repository with Jenkin!

  • Bitbucket version control repository.
  • Create different repository for every environment.
  • Create different tags for every new release.
  • Install Jenkins on own server.
  • Docker microservice based Jenkins installation.
  • Host source code on Bitbucket repository and deploy the code on staging, pre-prod and prod environment using Jenkins jobs, no more need to deploy application manually, KTCHost will help you to create new jobs and deploy application using Jenkins in future.
KTCHost Bitbucket and Jenkin hosting
KTCHost ELK Hosting

Centralized Logging with ELK Stack!

  • Elasticsearch raw data flows into Elasticsearch index from a variety of sources, including logs, system metrics, and any applications, and we won't be able to read it directly.
  • Kibana is a data visualization and management tool for Elasticsearch index that provides real-time histograms, line graphs, pie charts, and maps.
  • Logstash used to add filter for logs to improve centralized logging to log specific logs only. It's very useful when attempting to identify problems with your servers or Mobile applications, as it allows you to search through all of your servers log, Mobile application logs in a single place.

24x7 monitoring with E-mail, Slack notification!

  • Mobile app error, servers status monitoring.
  • Essential part of Mobile app hosting is monitoring You can never be completely certain of when an outage will occur. You may be at work or it could be 3 am. Server monitoring alerts make it possible to always be in touch with your servers. Connect your email to your smartphone and receive automatic alerts for every problem, no matter where you are.
KTCHost monitoring hosting

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