• Quality Approach
    Reliability web hosting service for your Business
    Feedback Oriented
    Requirement Analysis
    Disaster recovery and SAP projects reporting on weekly basis
    Monthly Feedback report analysis
    Dedicated Account Manager for every client

Quality Approach

Based on ISO 9001 : 2000 & SEI-CMM processes

Well documented processes

Quality Assurance processes built in right from the analysis stage

Adherence & configuration management.

SDLC approach

Well defined quality performance metrics.

Project management approach to ensure on time delivery and quality development.

The Unbelievable Features At The Affordable Price!

Dedicated IP Address

A dedicated IP is a unique Internet address dedicated exclusively to a single hosting account. On shared hosting platform all hosting accounts using same IP address, therefore while browsing the shared hosting IP address you will receive the default Plesk panel web page.

Dedicated IP addresses let you:
Use an SSL certificate on Web hosting accounts.
Our SSL certificates plans excluded a dedicated IP address, so you do need to purchase a dedicated IP credit separately if you are adding a certificate to your site.
View your website via its own Dedicated IP address.

Access your accounts by FTP or the Web site when the domain name is not accessible, such as during domain name propagation periods, domain expired, DNS service down. Ensure faster response during periods of high traffic load because only your domain is hosted on Dedicated IP address.

R1Soft Backup

Using our Continuous Data Protection R1Soft technology, server data is backed up at the block level. Block-level backup provides considerable advantages over traditional backup technologies, including shortened backup windows and a drastic reduction in disk and network I/O, allowing users to perform backups as often as every 15 minutes with no performance penalty.

Features of R1Soft backup

* Continuous Data Protection
* Block-based Backups
* Disk Safe Replication
* Disk Safe Verification
* Quick Restore
* Data Retention Policies
* Control Panel Interface
* Multi-Platform Support
* Multi-Tenancy
* AES-256 Encryption
* Self-Service MySQL Restore *NEW*
* Site-to-Site Replication *NEW*

With R1Soft have complete piece of mind knowing your data is backed up on our highly reliable branded secure storage network.


SiteLock has played vital role to protect more than 1,000,000 online businesses websites around the globe. No other website security providing company reached near to number archived by Sitelock.

360° Website Security Technology

Real website security means protection from the inside out as well as the outside in. SiteLock have the technology to do it all — daily scanning, automatic malware removal, web app firewall, a global CDN for a blazingly fast website and our support team is here for you 24/7. SiteLock dynamic Trust Seal shows visitors your website is safe, increasing conversions and ROI.

What is reseller hosting?
Reseller Hosting permits you to form sub-packages inside the assigned disc space and information measure of your main Hosting package. you'll be able to use WHM to form Individual Custom packages (each with cPanel) and provision them to your Customers.
Why should I choose KTCHost?
1 Stability
We do provide a quality stable infrastructure with all worldwide reliable branded hardware, software and experienced system administration, so you can save money and use it to increase your company sales instead of concentrating on technical issue.

2 Service
KTCHost has been number 1 for our superior customer and excellent technical service by many independent reviewers/testimonials. Our ‘100% client satisfaction’ philosophy has allowed us to be one of the strongest and most reliable web hosting company on the internet, building a client base of happy corporate, eBusiness and personal web hosting clients.

3 All in one Growth Potential
KTCHost offers shared hosting plans, VPS/Cloud and Dedicated plans along with SAP, Disaster recovery projects, its allowing you stay ahead of the competition as your business grows and you can select any plan as per requirement. We are a one of the reliable and most importantly affordable web hosting company. We have a best experienced System Administrators, Network Engineers and researcher’s team, who are monitoring our all servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to avoid any downtime.

Do you offer a Money Back guarantee?
We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all Shared Hosting Plans only.
Are there any hidden charges?
KTCHost is not having other hidden charges. We will never charge you for anything without your prior consent.
How long will it take to set up my account?
KTCHost USP is 100% client satisfaction, therefore your account will be activated the very same business day, once order verification completed.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Paypal. Payments by check or money order must be mailed to our mailing address. Make checks payable to kaizentechnocrat pvt ltd. We do not accept cash. You can also deposit amount under kaizentechnocrat bank account
Which Control Panels do I get with a Reseller Hosting package?
All Linux Reseller Hosting packages go together with a pair of separate management Panels - WHM and cPanel. WHM provides you body management of your Reseller Hosting package and cPanel permits your Customers to manage their individual Hosting packages.
How can I create Sub-Packages and manage them?
Your WHM (Linux) / Plesk (Windows) Control Panel allows you to create individual Hosting packages and completely manage them.
How can my Customers manage their Individual Packages?
Your Customers will be able to manage their own packages using cPanel.
What are the advantages of reseller hosting?
If you are a net Designer/Developer you'll host and manage all of your websites/clients with one Reseller Hosting package rather than researching the effort of managing multiple shared Hosting packages. This additionally lowers your net Hosting prices considerably. Additionally, you can resell hosting as a value added feature to your existing business or as a separate entity.
Can I upgrade between plans?
Yes, you can upgrade your existing plan to a higher plan at any time.

Linux Shared Hosting

Advanced Threat Protection
e-Commerce Ready Hosting
Free SSL Certificate
Free Website Backup
Free 25 pages scan Site Lock

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VPS Cloud Servers

KTCHost offers fully managed public cloud servers in self-managed price.
Select SSD VPS & Cloud Servers in affordable Price
Expandable Cloud Servers

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Dedicated Server

Fully Managed, Powerful & Scalable dedicated servers from KTCHost
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Free Monitoring Service
Free Exuberant Support 24x7

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R1 Soft Backup

The Backup Plans Features At The Affordable Price
Continuous Block-based Data Protection
Data Retention Policy.
Bare Metal Restore.

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