How to upload employee documents

employee documents
How to upload employee documents?

What is Employee document?

Document section is available for each and every employee, so that employees can use it like a DOCKER and save important document for future references and use it whenever its required. To differentiate document as per importance, we have provided four different categories.

  1. Education
  2. Experience
  3. Personal
  4.  Others

To add any new document under Document section, please refer following steps carefully and upload document as per category to search document in future to save time for searching documents.

1. Login into KSSEDUMan Portal and go to side bar navigation bar, and click on Personal Dashboard >> Documents.  

In Employee Document page, add information regarding documents.

eg. select type, select file and title etc. after, click on “Upload” button.

For example

Select Document Type : Education

Upload File : Select any file from your computer/laptop etc

Title : Education Certificate

2. If you want to view the Document, then click on  Personal Dashboard >> Documents.

In this page you can check all documents download or delete files as per your requirement.

To download file click on “Download File” icon and to delete document click on this sign “x”  to delete all documents of employee.

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